Duchess Meghan and the Hamsa (Khamsa)

The Duchess of Sussex, known to prefer dainty jewelry and preferbly in yellow gold, wears the Kismet by Milka “Hamsa” ring with a 0.01 CT blue sapphire eye in the center.

The hamsa is a hand-shaped amulet popular among Jewish (Hand of Miriam) and Muslim (Hand of Fatima) women. It is believed the hamsa helps to banish evil and brings happiness, luck and good fortune to the owner. What it symbolizes depends on whether you wear the hamsa palm up or palm down.

The Duchess has been known to wear her ring palm down and according to legend this indicates she is open and receptive to all the wonderful experiences the universe has to offer including fertility, good luck and fulfilled prayers.

The eye in the palm of the hamsa is believed to provide a level of protection from the “evil eye” and who doesn’t need that.
The ring is designed in rose gold but can be produced in yellow and white gold by special order.

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